May 7, 2010


breakfast: Joe’s O’s with soy milk and double stuffed oreo cookies (yes, i know i shouldn’t eat cookies for breakfast, but i was hungry and wanted junk food, so oreo’s seemed like the perfect solution.

snack: more joe’s o’s

lunch from Cafe Green: I am not sure what they call it at the new place, but it was a more expensive version of Revolutionary Chicken from Java Green

dinner: fries from Five Guys

drinks: yuengling black and tan (i realized when writing this post that I have not confirmed yuegling beers are vegan.  barnivore doesn’t say much and i emailed yuengling on 9/8/2009 inquring about this, but they never emailed me back.  i just sent them another email.

I received a response from Dogfish Head about their beers.  Here is their response:

Hey Stacey,

I have had this conversation before with some of our peeps in the lab and we have decided that you would want to stay away from Midas because it has honey in it (bees). But other than that, none come close to any animals. We use diatoms (dead organisms/crushed shells) in our filtration process. Basically when those sea organisms die, their shells call to the bottom of the ocean floor, they are harvested (just the shells) as diatomaceous earth which is used to polish the beer and give it clarity. But that is not considered an animal byproduct and the organisms died on their own, we did not kill them.

Hope that helps!


Nora Sheehan, Celebration Specialist

H.R. Assistant/Brewceptionist

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

6 Cannery Village Center

Milton, DE  19968


My first post on someone else’s blog: In response to this post on the Prince of Petworth blog about the new frozen yogurt place in Columbia Heights, I wrote:

Do you know if they will serve vegan frozen yogurt? If so, I will be there everyday!

NOTE: I went to the store to get their vegan soft serve and apparently they only have sorbet. I don’t know if their sorbet is vegan. i didn’t bother to ask because i don’t really like sorbet.


  1. katherine's comment:

    That is a very interesting response from Dogfish Head. I wonder just how distant this diatomaceous earth is from living animals… do some living animals get mixed in? How broken down are the shells? At what stage of decay to shells become vegan? Very interesting.


    emily's reply:

    i think that’s really interesting too! are shells part of animals, or just homes for animals? it raises a lot of questions. i mean, they’re basically saying they filter their brews with dirt, right? i wonder if any other breweries use this technique or just dogfish head


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