May 1, 2010


May 1, 2010 - .  

breakfast from Sticky Fingers Bakery: 1/3 of a sticky bun (shared with Katherine and Michael) and a bagel breakfast sandwich (everything bagel, nutritional yeast cheese spread, tofu egg, tempeh bacon, tomato)

apple samples from the Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market

snacks at Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race: 7-grain sourdough bread (from the Mount Pleasant farmers’ market- thanks Katherine and Michael)

lunch/dinner at Red Emma’s (Baltimore, MD): half a Tofurkey melt panini (hickory smoked tofurkey, maple dijon mustard and tofutti american cheese); half a spicy bánh mì panini (lemongrass tofu, red cabbage, cilantro and spicy carrot sauce);  soy chai latte

beer: Resurrection ( and sips of Ozzy and La Petroleuse beers) from The Brewer’s Art (Baltimore, MD). The bartender asked the owner, who said that none of the beer is filtered with non-vegan products. One of their beers (I can’t remember what it was called) does list honey.  Rosemary garlic fries


more 7-grain sourdough bread smothered in Vegenaise and nutritional yeast; portion of a Primal Strip seitan jerky; chocolate chips

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