April 30, 2010

katherine – likely vegan fail (never trust a man at a strawberry festival)

April 30, 2010 - .  

breakfast: half a Field Roast sausage; espresso

snacks at the strawberry festival: strawberries; lemon+grape+orange snocone (no animal products in the flavoring, just corn syrup); salt and vinegar popchips (I had avoided these since they list lactic acid, but the popchips representative at the festival said he was certain they were totally vegan, and that the lactic acid must be from a vegetable source. But now I just looked at the website and the answer to the FAQ about veganism is that the original flavor is vegan.. no mention of the salt and vinegar. He might have gotten them mixed up.)

lunch from the place across from Mamoun’s falafel: fava bean pita sandwich with tahini, lettuce, and tomatoes (only $2.50!)

dinner #1 from Chipotle (Manhattan, NY): vegetarian burrito (guacamole, black beans, cilantro rice, corn salsa, tomato salsa, lettuce, flour tortilla)

snacks on bus: Crazy Core Skittles; dark chocolate covered espresso beans; dried strawberries; roasted peanuts and the last of the cashews from Emily

dinner #2 from Duccini’s (Washington, DC): 1/4 of a vegan pizza with Daiya cheese

So much food today…

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