April 28, 2010


April 28, 2010 - .  

oatmeal with banana, turbinado, almond milk

whole wheat tortilla with tofu, romaine, muhammara, black olives; small navel orange; guava coconut bar

animal crackers; snyder’s of hanover peanut butter pretzel sandwiches

leftover gnocchi with asparagus-white bean puree, asparagus, peas, black olives

medjool dates from fiesta bulk aisle

pumpkin carrot cake: i veganized and pumpkinized my mom’s carrot cake recipe to bring to class tomorrow, but it turned out so weird that i just ate a bunch (with almond milk, and some with melted chocolate chips on top) and am going to leave the rest for my housemates to eat! why is it that whenever i have the opportunity to prove to a bunch of people i don’t know very well that vegan baked goods can be delicious, it always turns out disastrous?

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