April 27, 2010


April 27, 2010 - .  

breakfast: coffee (they labeled it as espresso, so i’m confused) from Marvelous Market with soy milk, salty oatmeal and a banana (I was hungry this morning)

lunch: leftover Chipotle burrito; leftover lentils from last night

snacks: pretzels and chocolate chip pumpkin bread

dinner: Eva and I went to Everlasting Life.  The website is a bit misleading (at least for now). They are renovating, but are still open.  The food is in the back of the building and you have to walk through an empty room to get there.  The people who work there are VERY friendly and let you try samples of everything.  Eva and I sampled:

sesame spinach salad,  spinach quiche (doesn’t look like quiche, but it was really good), barley salad, Live Stir Fry, Mung Bean)

I settled on getting the carrot salad (I don’t think I would get this again. It is good, but I can only it a little of it before getting sick of and they give you a ton), mock chicken salad, bean curd, kale salad).  Eva got the spinach salad, quiche, spicy tofu and barley salad (I tried all of her food).

I also ordered mac and cheese, but i didn’t eat it today. i’m going to eat it for lunch tomorrow.

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