April 25, 2010


April 25, 2010 - .  

orange slices

brunch at Boneshakers (Brooklyn, NY), which I just discovered by accident this weekend… it is all vegetarian and almost all vegan, with many sandwiches and baked goods and delicious brunch options, and only 0.6 miles from my apartment: half of vegan chipotle+sage biscuits with gravy and soy sausage; half of vegan omelette of the day (tofu egg with tempeh bacon, tomato, and American-style vegan cheese), served with large potato wedges; greens with light balsamic dressing (greens came with both brunch dishes, each of which cost $10); coffee

dark-chocolate-covered espresso beans; rice crackers

dinner: soba noodles dipped in soy sauce with green onions; broccoli, baby portabella (I forgot our spelling consensus…) mushrooms, garlic, green onion, minced habañero pepper, and roasted peanuts stir fried with Bragg’s, vegetarian oyster sauce, and olive oil; fried vegetable dumplings


  1. stacey's comment:

    did you make the dumplings?


    katherine's reply:

    Not from scratch. H Mart!


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