April 24, 2010


April 24, 2010 - .  

oatmeal with peanut butter, banana, agave, almond milk; graham cracker

mini whole wheat bagel, banana at the texas round up 10k (i decided at 10 pm the night before to run in it. then i rewarded myself by continuously eating and drinking for the rest of the day…)

whole wheat tortilla with romaine, tofu, muhammara; small navel orange; chocolate chip banana muffin; handful of animal crackers

coffee, half a piece of carrot-pumpkin cake at thunderbird (about half their baked goods are vegan including chocolate muffins, chocolate cake truffles, really delicious-looking peanut butter cups)

graham crackers

whole wheat sweet potato gnocchi (i forget the brand but it was from mediterranean aisle at fiesta) with creamy asparagus sauce from ’1000 vegan recipes’ plus peas and olives

bombshell blonde from southern star brewing co (all their beers are unrefined), strawberries

homebrewed ipa and another homebrew; lots of animal crackers

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