April 21, 2010


April 21, 2010 - .  

flour tortilla with black beans, mango, salsa huichol

whole wheat tortilla with tofu, muhammara, romaine; small navel orange; guava coconut bar

samples at central market: magic pop w peanut butter and agave, pineapple, clementine, yellow watermelon (ew); dried apricots and dark chocolate sandwich cookies (contain confectioner’s glaze) from bulk

medjool date from heb bulk

leftovers: brown rice, sweet potato, mustard greens, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, peanut ginger sauce; perfectly ripe mango (currently 4/$1 at heb)

medjool dates and dried apricots from fiesta bulk (yes i went to three grocery stores today!!)

half a cranberry kombucha (from local brewer buddha’s brew) and half a fireman’s four blonde ale at cherrywood coffee house

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  1. katherine's comment:

    Next time I’m in Austin, we will have to make dark chocolate sandwich cookies (now that we’ve mastered oatmeal cream pies).


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