April 7, 2010


April 7, 2010 - .  

slightly different breakfast taco: flour tortilla (mission brand), diced potatoes browned in olive oil then sauteed with cooked black beans, minced jalapeno, green onion, cumin, salt, and pepper, topped with spinach and salsa huichol; grapefruit

leftover scraps of flatbread and tortilla with weird hummus; raw green beans and carrots; small navel orange

tortilla samples (white flour and southwest) and one medjool date at heb

paneer curry with peas from the last issue of bon appetit: i think it’s currently in their web recipe archive, but i won’t link to it because i think they only keep the last few issues’ worth of recipes on there. i substituted tofu for paneer and ate it using a whole wheat tortilla from heb as chapati. i’ve had four different kinds of tortillas today- one at every meal!

small coffee at flightpath (half medium-roast, half house decaf); dark chocolate covered assortment from my easter package (…wrapped in a tortilla?)

late night snack stop at heb (second time today!): thai curry, mequite bbq, and black pepper cashews, dried apricots, and dark chocolate toffee almonds, all from bulk aisle


  1. marcy's comment:

    i wonder if you’re known as the Bulk Aisle Girl at heb/fiesta/wf

    heb has the best tortillas, at least in sugar land. they’re always still warm and the whole wheat ones are so hearty


    emily's reply:

    i’m pretty sure one guy at central market knows me and andrea; he seems to always be there, always be eyeing us suspiciously, and always catch us chewing something or otherwise looking guilty. i suspect we might be getting recognized at whole foods too.

    these whole wheat tortillas at heb are weird–when warm, their consistency reminds me of something gluten-free, but they’re definitely not. i like it. i think they would be excellent for enchiladas.


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