April 3, 2010


April 3, 2010 - .  

breakfast: cornflakes with soymilk (some of which was homemade at Emily’s house); dry tangelo slices; half an oatmeal cookie; espresso from a coffee shop; some sips of Stacey’s soy latte from the same coffee shop; an everything bagel sample

Tecate Light sample with lime from H-E-B

picnic lunch at park: whole wheat tortillas from the H-E-B tortilleria; grandma’s hummus; carrot; apple; grapefruit

another portion of oatmeal cookie at some point

lemon and vanilla twist vegan soft-serve cone from Toy Joy

picnic dinner while watching the bats under the bridge: take-out from Mr. Natural [carrot salad (carrot, pineapple, coconut, raisins); milanesa (breaded and fried wheat gluten, with salsa ranchera); nopalitos (cactus and potato in a sauce); tofu pipian (fried tofu in a curry); tofu and sunflower seed tamale); Shiner Bock, Hefeweizen (which has honey), Kosmos, Blonde, and Light

while watching West Virgina vs. Duke at Barfly’s: Shiner Bock; strong gin & tonic with lime ($2.50!)

at party: shot of whiskey after requisite arm wrestling match; more than an entire can of Jungle Joose; perhaps a few sips of PBR (I’m not totally sure about this)

snacks while being kept up by Joose until like 5 or 5:30am: cold leftover mac and cheeze with collards; grapefruit poppyseed cookies (which Emily prepared and baked in what seemed like 3 minutes), some perhaps with Ricemellow Creme

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  1. marcy's comment:

    is that the first time you’ve eaten honey since we started?


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