March 30, 2010


March 30, 2010 - .  

breakfast: raspberry ginger crisp cereal with soymilk; coffee

lunch: hummus wrap from Think Coffee. After ordering a $3 bagel with Tofutti (they were out of bagels) then a $5 vegan grilled cheese (they were out of vegan cheese), I hastily ordered the only remaining vegan item (a hummus wrap) because the woman behind me in line was very impatient. It was super small with really simple vegetables and cost like $7.50. Grr.

ABC peanut butter cookie

dinner: black beans plus kidney beans and brown rice (same recipe as “Black Beans and Rice”, but using dried beans and adding canned chipotle); lettuce with Annie’s lemon & chive dressing

dessert: itty bitty cheesecake in a muffin tin, using leftover quiche crust

I wanted to get rid of a tiny bit of crust, so I made two muffin-sized cheesecakes. The cheesecake filling was a made-up and unmeasured combination of chocolate chips, agave, vanilla, cornstarch, and soy creamer (boiled before adding to other ingredients), whisked together, with Tofutti cream cheese added at the end. It was sort of gross.

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