March 19, 2010


March 19, 2010 - .  

more weird eating due to sxsw:

toasted homemade cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter; anjou pear

tortilla with black beans, raw suncheeze (recipe from the cookbook of casa de luz, a vegan/macrobiotic restaurant here- do you think i can post that?), avocado, spinach, salsa huichol; small navel orange

too much free magic hat almost pale ale at the french legation museum. verdict: disgusting. do not drink this beer. at some point i started mixing it 50/50 with izze sparkling grapefruit, which was also free.

part of a tangerine; raw revolution bar in cashew agave flavor

small navel orange; back to nature cripsy oatmeal cookie with blackberry preserves on top

tortilla chips, guacamole, chili, cornbread, and margaritas at a friend’s

bands i saw today: dengue fever, anni rossi, mayer hawthorne & the county, toro y moi, dam-funk (almost the whole set while waiting in a nearby bathroom line), woods, billy bragg; a 6 or 7-piece band all wearing completely red jumpsuits and red capes and a variety of headgear playing “final countdown” featuring fiddle which i heard while ducking into a bar to use the bathroom; many other accidental hearings

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