March 2, 2010


March 2, 2010 - .  

tj’s honey-os with soymilk. oj.

6-inch subway sandwich with veggies, oregano, a tiny bit of sweet honey sauce. mini bag of lay’s potato chips

apple with peanut butter

greasy chinese takeout from wok ‘n’ roll, a place in hyde park which sadly doesn’t live up to its amazing name. mu shu vegetable with no egg split between two people.

ciao bella coconut sorbet and flax ginger muffins that i arrived at through some random but important internet research i was doing this afternoon. did you all know that joaquin phoenix is vegan?

lime tea


  1. emily's comment:

    how were the muffins? the recipe and photo both look really good.


    marcy's reply:

    they turned out pretty well! i doubled the recipe and the flavor is incredibly intense; i might use slightly less molasses next time…the texture is great though, and they definitely scratch that gingerbread itch


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