February 28, 2010


February 28, 2010 - .  

brunch: steamed soymilk with peppermint tea; a side of tempeh “sausage;” cinnamon-orange vegan french toast and a vegan “steak and cheese” wrap from Julian’s.  I have been there once before and had the french toast; pesto-fu and st. jamez ‘benedict.’  The first time I went there, I loved the food. This time around I thought the steak and cheese sandwich was too greasy and the french toast was too dry.  My dad loves this restaruant and is making us go back tonight for dinner, so I will be able to report on their dinner menu as well.

snack 1: a spoonful of Turlte Mountain’s Purely Decadent Cookie Avalanche ice cream (just 1 spoonful! I can’t beleive I had enough self control- perhaps it was because I was still so full from brunch.

snack 2: an apple, 2 bananas,  grapes and peppermint tea

dinner: Apparently Julian’s dinner on Sunday is all specials.  None of their specials were  vegan, but they made me some vegan food.  I split the food with my mom so we got two meals.  We had a dish withveggies and lentils and a sandwich that had asparagus and tofu. I can’t remember what else was in the food.  The meals were ok.  They were pretty tasty, but basic (nothing you couldn’t make easily at home for 1/100 of the cost).

drink: Narragansett beer (local!)

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