February 25, 2010


February 25, 2010 - .  

breakfast: coffee with soy milk from Marvelous Market

lunch: Gardein Santa Fe Good Stuff “chicken” with leftover homemade apple gravy and frozen mixed vegetables. I previously posted a comment about Gardein and my lack of enthusiasm for it.

snack: very salted pumpkin seeds and unsalted almonds

dinner: 4 side dinner from Everlasting Life.  Their food is awesome. I went once before with Katherine and the mac and cheese tasted spoiled.  Last night I got bean curd (tofu skins), beets, garlic kale salad and “chicken salad.”  I also split a side of mac and cheese with Meredith.  The mac and cheese was great (nothing like the last time I had it).  I liked it better than Soul Veg because it was less greasy and creamier.  The people who work there are really nice.  They let Meredith and me try a bunch of sides so that we could decide what we liked.  Also, they have a Customer Loyalty card- for every 10 dollars (I think they said 10, but the card says 8 ) you spend you get a stamp on the card.  After 7 stamps your 8th meal is free (value= $10)

drink: Yuengling and Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre 


  1. marcy's comment:

    i don’t know how it is there, but the soul veg mac and cheese here is essentially earth balance and noodles. i can’t really handle it


    katherine's reply:

    very similar in DC. So oily… I can totally handle it.


  2. stacey's comment:

    does anyone else have a smiley face show up in this post?

    It is pretty oily. You should come visit DC and compare


    katherine's reply:

    I got rid of the smiley face by adding a space between the “8″ and the “)”. Those two things together make a stupid smiley face.


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