February 24, 2010


February 24, 2010 - .  

breakfast: Cheerios with soymilk; coffee

lunch: leftover kale salad with fresh avocado and added sunflower seeds and cashews; peanut butter and jelly on flatbread

snack: banana; a couple apple slices drenched in fresh lemon juice

dinner: vegetable leek dumplings with soysauce (bought frozen from H Mart, and boiled for a couple minutes in Rapunzel broth);
seaweed salad (reconstitute about 1/3 c dried wakame in cold water (takes several minutes). Drain. In bowl, mix 1T miso, 1T rice vinegar, 1T sesame oil, 1T black sesame seeds. Combine this mixture thoroughly with the drained seaweed, sliced avocado, halved cherry tomatoes, apple chunks covered in lemon juice, and chopped scallions.);
scallion pancake stir fry (like last time: pancakes prepared with batter from mix, with long/thin-cut scallions added before the first flip; after pancakes are done, fry red onion, garlic, and thin carrot strips with red pepper flakes and hot pepper oil, then add chopped pancakes with any leftover scallions, plus some vegetarian oyster sauce. fresh lemon added at end.);

Żywiec beer (may or may not be vegan; “awaiting info” according to veggiewines.co.uk)

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