February 24, 2010


February 24, 2010 - .  

cornflakes with raisins and soy milk; tiny banana (they are now overripe)

multigrain tortilla (central market tortilleria) with fava bean puree (turned out weird, i’ll try making it again and post the recipe if it is more successful), roasted hot green pepper, olives, spinach; texas sweet orange; spelt zucchini muffin

coffee at bennu; small gala apple

brown rice, black-eyed peas, steamed collard greens, sweet potato, honey mustard sauce, and louisiana hot sauce; texas sweet orange. the sweet potato was partly undercooked because i was too hungry to wait. i don’t recommend this (the undercooked parts tasted strangely like twizzlers…). click here for the honey (or agave) mustard sauce recipe.

whisk together:

  • 1/4 c honey or agave
  • 1/4 c mustard (preferably coarse ground, but i only had yellow mustard and it got the point across)
  • dash of lemon
  • dash of louisiana hot sauce or tabasco (optional/to taste)

treats from whole foods bulk: chocolate covered sour cherries, dr. chocolate, peanut butter chocolate pretzels

ginger mint tea (fresh ginger + fresh spearmint leaves, steeped in hot water)

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  1. marcy's comment:

    wow you made the honey mustard sauce happen! good for you

    isn’t it neat to be able to just cook stuff when you crave it?


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