February 20, 2010


February 20, 2010 - .  

asparagus miso soup, grapefruit, cinnamon raisin bread

lots of samples from central market’s bulk bins: my favorite there are the dark chocolate-covered sandwich cookies, which are like tiny oreos dipped in dark chocolate

homemade graham cracker (made by my housemate)

louisiana-themed potluck: hummus and carrots while cooking (not on theme), gumbo with tons of okra and greens, potato salad (there was a special vegan one for me), red beans, brown rice, ridiculously good king cake; key lime margaritas, abita turbo dog (vegan), various homebrews, lots of different red wines

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  1. marcy's comment:

    i wish i went to as many awesome-sounding potlucks as you do


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