January 29, 2010


January 29, 2010 - .  

oatmeal with dried cranberries, pear, slivered almonds, almond extract, and agave

spelt blueberry muffin

hide bread with spinach, horseradish hummus (see previous posts… why did i make so much hummus? there’s still like half left)

there’s this restaurant within the whole foods here that is all vegan, mostly raw, mostly versions of usually non-vegan non-raw stuff (e.g. tuna salad, pizza, cheese spread). i had half a slice of raw vegan cheesecake and i wrote down the ingredients because it was really delicious and really expensive ($7 for the slice) and i want to attempt a recreation for less expensive. ingredients: cashews (soaked overnight i imagine), macadamias (in the crust), coconut oil, lemon juice, agave, water, medjool dates (in the crust), coconut (shredded, in the crust), vanilla, sea salt. i’ll let you know (of course) if i piece this together into a recipe. we also put fresh organic blueberries on top and brought coffee made from beans from central market (panama, i forget which brand, but it wasn’t anything special)

beer bread (see previous for recipe), split pea soup, steamed kale with sea salt; pink cara cara orange

republic of tea’s chocolate pecan red tea, sold exclusively at central market

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