January 28, 2010


January 28, 2010 - .  

breakfast: banana-pb-cinnamon oatmeal. oj.

green tea

lunch: pb&j. chocolate bunny grahams. one kettle chip before i realized i had accidentally bought a flavor i don’t like (salt and vinegar)

snacks: leftover fried rice. 2 saltines.

dinner: leftover pasta and red sauce. broccoli. tj’s masala burger.

glass of 3 buck chuck red

half a pint of soy delicious cookie dough ice cream. ugh.


  1. emily's comment:

    why are you always eating tiny amounts of saltines?


    marcy's reply:

    i don’t know! i had a craving and got this huge box, but i always feel completely satisfied after 1-2.


  2. katherine's comment:

    A fun game is to try to eat as many saltines as you can in a minute. I think the goal is 6… it is incredibly difficult.

    Also, half a pint is NOTHING.


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