January 26, 2010


January 26, 2010 - .  

breakfast: pumpkin spice muffin with melted Earth Balance- sadly, I still have more of these to eat.  I also ate half of a peach before realizing it really wasn’t ripe (the problem of multitasking when you are half awake)

lunch: at Kababji Grill in Dupont Circle.   They serve you pita chips with spices when you sit down.  Although I don’t think the pita was made with eggs the wait staff couldn’t confirm that it wasn’t.  Apparently the pita they use to make the chips and the pita they use in their sandwiches is bought and they do not have access to the ingredients.  However, they also have a homemade pita (not sure what they typically use this for) that does not have eggs.  They were extremely nice and made me pita chips using their own homemade pita.  I split the Vegetables, Pickles and Olive appetizer.  It was like the name says, nothing special, but good (the people I went to lunch with wanted it).   For my main course I had a sandwich (they used the homemade pita) with portabella mushrooms and this amazing garlic spread.  The spread is whipped and looks like it has dairy, but they assured me it is only garlic and oil.  The sandwich was relatively cheap ($5) and filling (after eating all of the pita chips).

snack: leftover greens from sadza ne muriwo.  They are finally finished.  I will miss them dearly.

dinner: Heather provided me with an amazing southern style dinner.  We had red beans and rice and hush puppies (my first ones ever).  They were amazing.

desert: Heather also provided desert.  We made smores over the stove.  They were delicious.  Heather’s brother gave her vegan marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate for Christmas.  Thanks for sharing Heather!

drink: Budweiser (40 ounce, shared with Heather)

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