January 25, 2010


January 25, 2010 - .  

breakfast: a large coffee with soy milk from Marvelous Market.  Although their food is overpriced, their coffee is a good deal for vegans. If you ask, they will give you free soy milk to add to your coffee (unless you order a special drink e.g. latte- then they charge for soy milk).  Also, after you buy 6 cups of coffee from them, your 7th is free.  They also give you a discount if you have a reusable mug (not sure if it has to be their mug, but I have seen people get the discount who have a Starbucks mug).

lunch: leftover israeli couscous with baked tofu and broccoli

dinner: leftover veggie paella (it was much better as leftovers. the flavor really soaked in) and leftover vegan meatloaf.

desert: Turtle Mountain (Purely Decadent) cookies and cream ice cream

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