January 24, 2010


January 24, 2010 - .  

breakfast: apple with peanut butter

lunch: leftover Chipotle from wednesday (see yesterday’s post) and leftover pad se-eu (without egg, fish sauce, oyster sauce) from Bambu (see yesterday’s post)

snack: I made pumpkin spice muffins with some of the pumpkin puree I made earlier this month.  The muffins are pretty gross.  I was really tired while cooking and didn’t realize that the recipe I used was low fat (i.e no oil or butter).  They also could have use more sugar.  Click here for the recipe, but beware: you need to add fat!

dinner: I made veggie paella with Shelley and Eva.  I didn’t taste like traditional paella (at least not how I remember paella), but it was good. Click for more information

entreeI don’t have a recipe to share, but here is a list of what we included: saffron (thanks Shelley!), bell pepers, garlic, onion, white rice, veggie broth, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, cumin, tumeric, chili flakes, paprika, chicken seasoning (doesn’t actually have chicken in it), salt and pepper.

snack: a second pumpkin muffin.  I smeared it with earth balance and cinnamon sugar- it tasted much better

drink: Pilsner. I just realized I haven’t written to the company to confirm it’s vegan. Barnivore says it is.

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