January 23, 2010


January 23, 2010 - .  

breakfast: oatmeal with pb, banana, cinnamon, brown sugar, soymilk, salt

lunch: spinach salad and a smart dog wrapped in bread with katsup

dinner: @ the counter burger, home of my favorite vegan burger in chicago. they also have amazing sweet potato fries! one note thing to know about counter burger: they put butter on the bun, so you have to specifically say no butter. apparently a lot of places do this, so if you’re getting a veggie burger you might want to ask about it. anyway, my burger had grilled onions, cranberries, greens, tomato, and sauteed mushroom on top, and came with a soy ginger glaze.

snack we snuck into the movie theater: reed’s ginger brew (so good! my first time having it) and homemade banana bread which i’m not going to link to because it turned out super dense, just like my banana bread always does. does anyone have a solid banana bread recipe which does not produce a block of cement?


  1. katherine's comment:

    I thought my sandwich with pb, banana, agave, and chocolate was weird. but oatmeal with pb? you are crazy, girl.


    marcy's reply:

    wow, katherine thinks MY food is weird? i think that means i’ve truly crossed over into being vegan


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