January 22, 2010


January 22, 2010 - .  

breakfast: none

lunch: leftover greens from sadza ne muriwo without the sadza and an entire pizza from Alberto’s (veggies, no cheese).  It’s pretty good pizza, but not cheap.  There are better places in the area for vegan pizza.  I had Alberto’s because my work ordered it.

dinner with Eva: Mustard and turnip greens sautéed  with onions, garlic and a little soy sauce. Baked sweet potato fries with a lot of oil and garlic (very good but a little oily).  This was the first time I have ever had mustard and turnip greens.  They are very good.
drinks: 2.5 Budweisers.  I previously emailed the company to confirm which of their products are vegan.

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