January 22, 2010


January 22, 2010 - .  

spelt blueberry muffin (see previous posts); texas valencia orange; twinings red bush tea

toasted everything bagel from whole foods’ bakery; leftover dal + spinach. i need to get back into cooking-for-one mode so i don’t continue to end up eating the same thing for a week!

house coffee at bennu

leftover quinoa and black beans tossed with freshly steamed chard and plantains; shiner bock (vegan according to barnivore). click here to read about steaming plantains.

sidein my experience, the most common way to prepare plantains is slicing and pan-frying. this is a lower-fat alternative based on preparation of a certain kind of banana found in southeast asia that gets really sweet when steamed. i boiled water in a pot, sliced the peeled plantain in thick slices into a steamer basket, and let them steam until each slice was tender all the way through–just a few minutes. the longer they steam the sweeter they get. eat them plain as a snack, seasoned with sea salt (brings out the sweetness), sprinkled with brown sugar, or tossed with lightly seasoned beans, grains, and/or veggies. this time i added beautiful organic red chard to the pot to steam with the plantains, waited until both the chard and the plantains were intensely colored, and used them to liven up some leftover black beans and quinoa, along with a sprinkle of sea salt. note: steamed plantains do NOT make good leftovers because they get very slimy.

peanut butter blondies from vegan cookies invade your cookie jar, substituting dark chocolate chips for the peanuts sprinkled on top; homemade soy milk


  1. marcy's comment:

    i just bought some plantains today to go with my gallo pinto! gonna keep trying!


  2. katherine's comment:

    tell us how to make soymilk!


    emily's reply:

    i’ll do a post all about my soymilk maker sometime!


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