January 15, 2010


January 15, 2010 - .  

breakfast: piece of toast from same homemade bread with Earth Balance, blueberries, coffee

lunch at Patsy’s (Manhattan, NY): Spaghetti al Pomodoro with fresh basil and no cheese, mixed salad with olives (just a bit of olive oil for dressing), hot tea

dinner (delivery from Spring Asian, Mt. Vernon, NY): Asparagus & Yard Long Bean Thai Style, Sizzling Tofu Delight, baby bok choy, white rice, and two stale fortune cookies.

On the phone with Spring, I asked a couple people to confirm that they don’t use fish sauce in these dishes. Many restaurants include a vegetarian section even though fish sauce (or oyster sauce with fish, or even soy sauce with fish) is included in everything they cook. Also, that I’ve seen, about a quarter of cheap fortune cookies have “margarine” listed that might not be vegan, and others have milk, so it’s good to check the ingredients.

Budweiser Light (vegan), Dogfish Head beer (vegan)

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